This Lovely Life

Brent & Valerie

This sweet couple have such amazing chemistry together, and it's obvious that they are completely in tune with each other. Keeping all of this in mind, it's no surprise that their wedding was an absolute dream. Valerie shined in her lace gown coupled with her exquisite veil. Brent's smile was so full of joy at seeing his bride that there could not have been a dry eye in the house. The urban, chic feel of the Toon's wedding was absolutely phenomenal and so captivating to photograph.

Behind the Scenes

Dress designer Morilee, provided Valerie with a flattering and enchanting gown that helped her star as the centerpiece of the wedding. Crafty make-up artist Linda Kaye, skillfully applied the bride's make-up while bringing out her natural beauty.

Valerie's beautiful locks were styled by Mindy Burns with The Blowout Co.

I am in love with the bride's Gianna Bini shoes! These heels have just the right amount of edge and style to really add that something special to the bride's look!

And how can you not adore the floral arrangements provided by Grafe Studio?!? The unique, European flare this florist is able to design helped add to the overall elegant feel of the bride and groom's special day. 

The Bride

Valerie could not have looked more perfect than she does at this moment.

The Ceremony

The Church on Main Street never fails as a gorgeous wedding and reception venue. This beautiful venue made a perfect canvas for Decor 1601 to use their talents in decorating with drapes and lighting. Even with lovely venues and decor, you still need someone who can put it all together in a cohesive and appealing style. Katie Hartman with Katie Hartman Events  is that special someone! She specializes in putting together and coordinating events to achieve her client's vision.

The Wedding Party

It's Official!

The Reception 

And I'll always love you more, than yesterday.
I love you more than you will ever know.
How sweet this life, I'll never let you go. - Ryan Houston

Nobody does cakes like Chattanooga's Sugar Shoppe! For over 10 years they have been expertly decorating cakes for a variety of events in the Chattanooga area. Apron Strings catering company made sure everyone was served some enticing treats that kept the guests going back for more. 

DJ Kevin Hayes with Merchant Productions kept the party going with the perfect blend of music for all of the guests.

Cheers to this happy couple and thank you for choosing Life with a View Studio to document your wedding day!