The Day We Said I Do

Jake & Rachel

These nature-adoring, high school sweethearts fittingly shared their wedding vows by the Tennessee River under a bright blue sky. Jake and Rachel's wedding day was a fun and joyous gathering! The smiles of the bride and groom lit up every photo with true happiness, and made my job as a professional photographer a real pleasure ;) I love being able to see such happiness on people's faces in the midst of a busy, and sometimes crazy day! 

Getting Ready

The bride is showing off her Georgia Tech garter that she is exclusively wearing for her yellow jacket loving, soon-to-be husband who just happens to be a Georgia Tech alumni!

Donna Ames with Receptions by Design provided the exquisite flowers that helped bring the vision of this wedding to life.

Because the bride loves being outdoors, she obviously feels most comfortable wearing her Chacos all the time and her wedding day is no exception! I especially love the customized detail added to the sandals with her first and newly married last name. 

Jake is showing off his college heritage by sporting Georgia Tech cufflinks. 

The Bride

The Ceremony

The varying hues of blue used throughout the wedding highlighted the lovely outdoor scenery that the venue, Tennessee RiverPlace, is known for.

I fell in love with these adorable fans that were given to the guests as perfect brochures for the ceremony and a way to keep cool.  

The Wedding Party

The definition of fun, "Enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure." Yep-I would say that about sums this photo up! 

Husband & Wife

Jake and Rachel's fun-loving personality shows itself when they decide to pop into a funny impromptu pose!

The Reception

This awesome celebratory bash was organized and executed by Receptions by Design. This amazing company has an expertise in coordinating wedding receptions which means the hosts and guests can leave their worries at the door and just enjoy themselves!

The bride and groom made sure to send their guests home with these charming wedding favors filled with sweet treats.

And I have never been so sure
Of anything before, like I am in this moment here with you...
- Matthew West

There is nothing like seeing the faces of parents who are giving their children away to the long lasting bonds of marriage. 

For Goodness Cakes by Tiffany prepared these wonderful looking cakes, and the bride and groom had no problem diving in and smashing each other with the tasty bits! Not only does the groom have an incredible reach, but look at the bride as she is basically doing a back bend to try and avoid him! 

A special thanks to Videographer, Emily Dillard with EkD Photography, for catching all of these amazing memories on film.

Life with a View Studio wishes all the best to Mr. & Mrs. Pullen!