Unique & Lovely Family Portraits

Family portraits capture memories, personalities and most importantly, the unique love a family shares. During my session with the Long family, I experienced the undeniable affection they had for one another, and I am confident that the photographs from this shoot express their special bond. Niki, David and their daughter, Harper, couldn’t have been more adorable. They made my job easy!

The family came dressed in clothes that fit a blue, pink and white color scheme, which translated beautifully into their pictures. Harper’s sundresses

served as the connecting fabric with a spring-like floral print that included each of the shoot’s hues. Her Mom and Dad sported solid colored tops and denim.

When positioning the family, I made sure they were all close to one another. I also avoided your standard poses so the family’s characters could shine. I was successful in this approach, as there is laughter in practically every shot.

I was also very pleased with the natural lighting that illuminated the family’s faces. Such light is ideal, as it offers a certain glow that is absolutely beautiful.

The Long family has journeyed to Africa for mission work. I hope these photos are enjoyed by their family and friends while they are away. Safe travels!