An Intimate St. Simons Island Wedding

From the moment I met Diedre and William, I knew their wedding would be a memorable experience.  Any onlooker would be able to tell this couple has what it takes to make it last forever. Spending time with them during their engagement shoot and on their wedding day, I found myself blown away by the love radiating from this special pair.

On a beautiful September afternoon at the immaculate King and Prince Resort, 30 close friends and family joined Diedre and William as they started their new life together. Even on their wedding day they were up for anything I suggested, from climbing on rocks to racing the incoming tide.

My favorite moment of the day was when a young boy with a video camera was “interviewing” William before the wedding and asked, “Are you nervous?” William’s response was an easy, “No, are you?” I couldn’t help but laugh.

This couple did everything perfectly….close intimate affair, beautiful island location, and most importantly, they found true love. I wish this beautiful new husband and wife a lifetime of happiness.