Bridal Emergency Kit - What to Pack the Night Before your Wedding!


In my 10+ years in the wedding industry, I’ve seen a few things go wrong (It’s inevitable), but there is a way you can prepare for those minor things and breeze through the day without a blip. Check out my list of essential items for the Bride’s Emergency Kit.


  1. Sewing Kit (Thread, needle, scissors)

  2. Safety Pins

  3. Double Sided Tape (For dress issues!)

  4. Tide-to-go

  5. Band-Aid + Blister Band Aid

  6. Toothbrush + Toothpaste

  7. Paper and pen to write letter to spouse-to-be.

  8. Flip-Flops

  9. Advil

  10. Scissors

  11. Phone numbers of all your vendors

  12. Umbrellas and rain plan (just incase!)

  13. Heel covers for grass for bride and bridesmaids

  14. Tissues

  15. Lipstick/gloss

  16. ID

  17. Face powder

  18. Hairspray

  19. Deodorant

  20. Jewelry

  21. Shoes

  22. Undergarments

  23. Getting Ready Clothes (button up shirt, so you don’t have to go over your head)

  24. Hair piece/accessories

  25. Cell phone charger + Phone

  26. Rings!

  27. Make-Up Remover

  28. Shampoo and Conditioner (Hotel products may not get all that hairspray out!)

  29. Clothes for day after wedding

  30. Camera for brunch day after

  31. Comfy shoes for day after

  32. Snack for late night!

  33. Face wash

  34. Dress Garment bag

  35. Wedding Night Gift - I recommend a Boudoir Album from Haute-View Boudoir ;)

  36. Marriage License

  37. First Aid Kit

  38. Champagne

  39. Perfume

  40. All your Bridal Details neatly packed =)