Walnut Street Bridge Elopement at Sunrise


Chris and Teresa eloped on a beautiful October morning. They exchanged vows while watching the sunrise together, and as the new day was born so was the beginning of their union. The excitement was evident on both of their faces, and I have to admit, it was contagious. Every frame that I captured made me smile as I watched them interact and celebrate their new found marriage. Sunrise weddings don’t happen very often in my line of work, so photographing this event was a special treat for me. The light the sunrise gave was something you’d imagine out of a dream; it blended perfectly in the background of the photos causing the bride and groom to stand out in awe. I am thankful Chris and Teresa invited me to take their pictures for them, and I hope they have a long and blessed marriage.


Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.