Print your Legacy


Is the next generation going to be a forgotten generation in photos? I know that sounds harsh and scary, but think about it….when is the last time you printed a photo? Sure, it’s on facebook and instagram and you got 100 likes, but did you print it out? When your grandkids want to see that photo, will Facebook still be around? Will they be able to flip through a photo album and be embarrassed of all the funny photos their mom took (A true rite of passage of adulthood haha)?

I am so guilty of this! AND I am a photographer with a professional photo lab at my fingertips and still I struggle to print out my favorite photos.

I recently met with a bride and a mother of the bride and we got into the discussion of printing photos. The mother mentioned having boxes and boxes of photos from her childhood and daughter’s childhood, while the daughter had rarely printed any photos in her lifetime. Sure, she values photography and they are all backed up online.

All that to say…Please Print your photos! It’s the best way to back them up and preserve them for generations to come.