The Lovely Day at the Creekmur Wedding

Courtney & Justin


The bride and groom had the most genuine smiles of the day that literally brightened every picture. Despite a quick thunderstorm, this lovely day could not have been more perfect, and I hope you enjoy looking at the Creekmur's stunning photos. 

The Venue

Flintstone United Methodist is a gorgeous antique church. This building is a precious gem that transports the onlookers to another time. It was even featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not, for it's Flintstone appearance and an unusual set of circumstances that qualified it for a special Ripley's sign.

The Bride, the Bouquet, & the Dress

While this dress is fabulous, Courtney is the one who brought it to life. Bride + Dress = Breathtaking! 

Reception Goodies

This reception was full of smiles, laughs, and love! Not too mention the tasty tacos and delicious, bite-size cookies.

Mr. & Mrs. Creekmur

Throughout the event I was able to capture some beautiful photos of the lovely couple with their family and friends. I know Mr. & Mrs. Creekmur will cherish these photos. And when they have been married for many, many years I hope they will look back at these photos and think to themselves, “What a lovely day.”  

Written by Carrie O'Neal