How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

These days, weddings have the ability to be completely customized to fit the couple’s desires. From the color of the wedding dress (it doesn’t have to be white!) to the style of the wedding cake (who says it has to be a cake?), the options are endless. However, every wedding ceremony, no matter how varied, has to have a venue. The happy couple must have a location to celebrate their new union with friends and family.

With this being said, it’s no easy task locating the perfect venue. There are a million and one different possibilities to decide between, so why not take a bit of advice from an experienced wedding photographer? Brittany Carpenter with Life with a View Studio has photographed hundreds of weddings, and has some great tips on how to find your perfect wedding venue.

The Scenic View

So, you think you have found the perfect urban venue for your wedding because you fell in love with the ceremony space? Great! But don’t forget, you need areas suited for your wedding pictures. Ideally there must be plenty of space to photograph you and your new spouse, and the entire wedding party. Not to mention, it will really help improve the quality of your photos if you have a couple of different eye-catching areas to pose. Whatever your dream venue entails, make sure there is plenty of room and lovely views for those fabulous wedding photos!


Pick a Venue that Lines Up with Your Theme

As a wedding couple, you definitely want your venue to match your aesthetic vision. Just remember that if you are planning, for example, an earthy chic wedding, then look at venues outside such as vineyards or parks. Or if you want more of a contemporary feel, then check out museums or hotels. The important thing is that your venue feels like you! And will only aid in making your big day everything you dreamed of.


Your Guest List

Before you and your fiancé head out to visit venues, make sure you know how many guests you are planning to invite to the wedding. Nobody wants to deal with the stress of not being able to accommodate your guest list because your venue is too small. Knowing beforehand how many guests you will be inviting will set you up for success and a ton of fun!


What's Included?

Sometimes the cost of a venue is just the space itself, and sometimes it’s the space, in-house florist, and in-house caterer as well. Make sure you know how any additional charges in regards to your space breakdown, so that you don’t blow your budget for the rest of the wedding. It’s also important to note how the venue staff will be assisting you, and if all of their services are included in the costs.


What if it Rains?

Yikes! Every bride’s worst nightmare; Rain on their wedding day. Even if your wedding is indoors, rain can just make things a bit more difficult for everybody. However, don’t fret! When looking for an outdoor venue, make sure there is a suitable backup location for your wedding to take place IF it rains. If your wedding venue is indoors, just make sure there are plenty of options inside for your photos if rain makes taking most of your pictures outside impossible.

Whatever your wedding day brings, remember why you are there and what it is about. Love. Pure and simple.

Written by Carrie O'Neal