Celebrating Engagements

I love shooting engagement sessions, and being a photographer in Chattanooga, because it gives me a glance into the lives of some charming couples. When these fun-loving couples decide to have engagement photos taken, they are, in a way, celebrating their engagement. I wanted to share some fairly recent engagement sessions I have been a part of, and join in on the celebration! 

Lesley & Steven

It’s not hard to see just how happy Lesley & Steven are to be at the beginning of their newest journey together. From the historic stone entrance to the breathtaking views, Point Park proved to be the perfect backdrop to showcase Lesley and Steven’s love and pure enjoyment of each other’s company. 


Jeremy & Shelby

I adore exploring new venues and Magnolia Pines, coupled with this lovable duo, could not have been more perfect! The newly engaged couple, Jeremy and Shelby, will be holding their late-summer wedding at Magnolia Pines. You can see the the happiness in their faces!


Courtney & Justin

Courtney & Justin fit right in among the Chickamauga battlefield landscape, historic monuments, and winding paths. Their natural chemistry is depicted in every frame which made my job as a photographer easy, and so much fun! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your very special engagement shoot!


Jimmy & Kelsie

Shooting engagement sessions in Chattanooga take on a romantic ambiance with the bonus of a scenic view. Kelsie & Jimmy’s engagement session added the perfect touch to our dreamy little city by conveying a down to earth happiness that made me smile. Their sweet glances and affectionate kisses are part of what makes taking engagement photos so fulfilling. 


Brent & Valerie

A sunrise engagement session can allow for absolutely breath-taking photos. Brent & Valerie were splendid to shoot in the early morning light. The sunlit surroundings helped show the happiness they shared together. I love to catch moments like these!


Brooke & Sam

Brooke and Sam were the picture perfect couple for this beautiful day’s photo shoot. This fine couple flew into Chattanooga from their home in the United Kingdom for a visit and their engagement photos! Sam’s dedication for his hometown is definitely awesome, and I hope these fun pictures are just what he and Brooke have been dreaming of!