Wandering Through Bulgaria


Over the years, Life with a View Studio owner, Brittany Carpenter has had the pleasure of shooting some pretty fabulous senior photos. Recently, she had the chance to photograph one of the most EPIC senior sessions ever by combining both her love for portrait photography with her passion for travel!

The featured senior, Liz, has dreamed of visiting Bulgaria since she was just a child. Liz got her first taste for exotic travel after seeing a kid’s television show highlighting Bulgaria. Ever since that day, she has been researching the fascinating country hoping to finally pay it a visit.   

Lucky for Liz, she would not have to wait long due to an AMAZING senior gift she received from her grandmother (talk about a fantastic graduation present!).

With Liz being a fun, intelligent, and all around outstanding girl, it’s no wonder she decided to blend a long-awaited senior trip to Europe with her senior pictures. And do you know what the best part is? She decided to ask a Life with a View Studio to document it! Brittany was able to capture many gorgeous locations across Bulgaria which included historical landmarks and natural wonders. Take a few minutes and read through Liz's adventure, so you too can wander through Bulgaria.

Day 1

Brittany photographed Liz's visit to the astounding Devetashka Cave. The light that came through the opening of the cave helped illuminate just how awesome this natural wonder really was!

It's easy to see how Liz's smile lit up the frozen landscape of the Krushuna waterfalls.


Day 3

Exploring Sofia University and downtown Sofia was quite the adventure! Fun fact: Liz hopes to attend Sofia University one day to obtain her graduate degree.


Day 5

Burgas "City on the Black Sea" is a sparkling, sea-front park with a stunning black sand beach.


Day 7

The Castle of Ravadinova is an astounding sight to behold! The picturesque towers and steeples are straight out of a fairytale. 

Day 7 continued...

Intricate carved gateway found on the Ravadinova Castle grounds.

Day 9

Rila Monastery is a marvelous and complex, medieval piece of architecture. How many senior photos have you seen with a thousand year old monastery as the backdrop?  


Life with a View Studio was honored to join Liz on this trip, and it was truly an incredible experience that she will be able to relive again and again through her one-of-a-kind senior pictures.

Written by Carrie O'Neal