5 Steps to a Perfect Senior Portrait Session

Your senior year of high school or college is a memorable time. You’re finishing school, making memories with your friends and loved ones, and preparing for the next phase of your life. There’s so much going on, so don’t forget to take time to capture some highlights. 

Senior portraits are an awesome opportunity to highlight some of the best moments of your senior year. They also make great keepsakes for your family and friends, and even for yourself. But how do you ensure that your senior portrait session is all you want it to be? 

Good news: there are 5 elements to having a great senior portrait session! 

1. Make sure you’re comfortable with your photographer. 
Take some time to get to know your photographer before your session. Get coffee or lunch, spend some time discussing what you envision for your photos, and just talk about life for a little bit before you take your portraits. Having a good relationship with your photographer helps make the shoot feel more organic and natural, and you can work together again in the future! 

2. Pick an outfit that makes you feel good. 
When you look good, you feel good! And when you’re happy with what you’re wearing, you’ll be that much more comfortable during your session. If you already have your cap and gown, donning those for a few shots can be a fun touch. Don’t forget to keep the weather and season in mind, too! 


3. Pick a location that means something to you. 
Well, this may not be essential, but it definitely helps if your senior portrait session is done at a place that’s important to you. Whether it’s a favorite scenic overlook or a place you spent doing a favorite sport or activity, having a connection to your senior portrait location will make your shoot that much easier and enjoyable. It’s another round of making more memories to take with you.  


4. Shoot early in the day or late in the afternoon. 
The exact hours vary throughout the year, but early in the morning and late in the afternoon are two of the best times for natural sunlight. Good, natural sunlight does half the work and gives the photos a nice glow. Plus, it’s fun to be outside in nice weather. 

And lastly… 
5. Make your session what YOU want it to be. 

What do you most want to remember about your senior year, or school in general? Take some time to reflect before your shoot so you and your photographer can capture exactly what you have in mind. It’s our school experience, after all! 

Having a senior portrait session is a great way to create mementos of your senior year for yourself, your friends and your family. What are some of your best tips for having a great session?