Girls Know Boudoir Best

Unless you are a Victoria’s Secret angel, wearing sexy lingerie in front of the camera is pretty intimidating and can feel just plain awkward. So if you are looking to leave your hubby some sexy photos in his holiday stocking or spice up Valentine’s Day, make sure you remember girls know boudoir best.

Women know women. We all have insecurities, and we all want to feel sexy. A female boudoir photographer is going to understand how you feel during the shoot. She is going to be your biggest cheerleader, and she’ll position you in flattering and natural poses that feature your best assets.

Let’s be real… having a male photographer take your boudoir photos is going to be strange for both you and your man. This shoot is going to be revealing, and you don’t want to feel like you have to cover up in front of your photographer. If these photos are for your soon-to-be groom, he most certainly won’t want his fiancé in a room with another man while wearing something meant for his eyes only.

When it comes to bridal boudoir photography, who better to take your pictures than a woman? She’ll know how to lay your veil, fluff your hair and show off that jaw-dropping diamond. In these photos, you’ll want that sultry glamour look. Your female photographer can accomplish this with ease. And without doubt, your groom’s eyes will pop when he lays eyes on the pin-up inspired album you give him on your wedding day.

There is also a definite difference between sexy and raunchy, and a female boudoir photographer knows that line.  If you don’t want to be exposed, that’s completely fine! Your photographer can coach you in what looks to incorporate into your shoot, and these looks can be as conservative as you like and still be sexy.

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