5 Tips to Rock your

Engagement Photos


Love the camera? Or does it strike fear in your heart? Participating in an engagement photo session can be a somewhat daunting task for many couples. Chattanooga photographer, Brittany Carpenter, owner of Life with a View Studio, suggests a few ideas on how you can make sure you love your engagement pictures and the experience itself.


Just Relax. I know that planning a wedding can be fairly nerve-racking and an engagement session might bring the same nerves. However, you need to push all of those worries away, and just enjoy the photo shoot. During this engagement session, you and your fiancé should be having a good time, and enjoying each other’s company. Think of the session like a fun date to a beautiful place, and then you can relax and have fun, and the photos your photographer captures will be splendidly, authentic!



Love your Outfit. Make sure you have chosen clothing that you feel confident and comfortable in! Some people have a hard time choose their engagement picture clothing, so I typically suggest that couples wear coordinating outfits instead of matching outfits. Make sure to wear what color & style looks best on you instead of trendy colors or styles. And for photography, just remember to not go crazy with patterns, and stay fairly simple with your wardrobe. If you want multiple looks, then bring an outfit change for two different looks. I recommend a casual look, and then a more dressy one.



Find the Perfect Place. Engagement photos should contain a location that is special to you as a couple, if possible. The location can reflect your personality as a couple so choosing the right backdrop is important. For example, if you are an outdoorsy couple, then a park-like setting you visit often is perfect. But if you like to go downtown often, then a cityscape could be the backdrop for you. Feel free to make it a fun experience and go somewhere completely new, like a hike to a waterfall or reward yourself afterward by going out to eat somewhere new. I encourage everyone to make your engagement session unique...just like your realtionship!


Plan your Shoot around the Light. The most romantic and flattering light is the hours closest to sunrise and sunset. I always encourage my couples to look up what time the sun sets on the day of your engagement session, and plan to start roughly two hours before that. Sunset photos make the perfect ending to any engagement photo session. If you are an early riser, then sunrise sessions are just as beautiful and you can avoid the crowds.


Bottom Line, It’s Your Day. Please remember that finding the perfect location, outfit, and photographer are important. But, the truth is this day is all about you and your future spouse. Having terrific photos is wonderful, but loving the experience and having fond memories is more important! Enjoy the journey together, so that you can look back at your amazing photos and remember how much fun this exciting chapter in your life was!   


Brittany Carpenter,

Owner & Photographer at Life with a View Studio

I'm the camera, heart, and soul behind Life with a View Studio. My passion is to tell your story through photography by capturing those beautifully real moments. I will preserve your memories in photos that you'll love now and for generations to come.

I feel strongly about getting to know the people I photograph, so I can truly capture their personalities, and the special love they share. On your big day you don't just want a photographer, you want someone whose life passion is to capture every sweet kiss, smile, and tear.

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