Just Add Magic.....First Birthday Photography - Chattanooga, TN


“The world is but a canvas to the imagination.” Henry David Thoreau

I’m a big believer in letting your children dream and imagine in magical worlds, with unicorns, superheroes, and whatever their mind can imagine. Maybe it has something to do with these are very real elements to me in my job where I get to use my imagination everyday and I get to make these dream worlds come to life. I love when a parent comes to me with a special birthday theme and I get to create a magical set to take the photos and create something truly unique.

For my daughter’s first birthday, she was obsessed with all dogs and puppies. So we created a beautiful portrait of this “Puppy Princess.” Not only did it make a perfect way to convey our (over-the-top, lol) theme on her invitation, it will forever serve as our reminder of this adorable puppy-loving phase of her life.

I encourage you to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime milestone with a fun first birthday session and let us create some magic!

Puppy Princess for her 1st Birthday

Puppy Princess for her 1st Birthday