All that Sparkles....Black Creek Club Wedding

To say this couple shines is an understatement. Lindsey and Matt both work in theatre, so it’s no surprise their animated personalities forever entertain their family and friends. On their wedding day, the spotlight was on them, and boy did they put on a great show.

Lindsey and Matt selected the beautiful Black Creek Club for their nuptials. This venue, with intricate stone work and architecture, overlooked a picturesque golf course. The scene was spectacular. Dancing and merriment took place in the lovely glass clubhouse. 

To match Lindsey’s sparkling personality, she carried a brooch bouquet, which included a mixture of heirloom pieces and trinkets borrowed from friends. Her bridesmaids each had their own signature color, which they rocked with colored sashes and individualized bouquets. Even their nails coordinated with their color of choice! The groomsmen followed suit with matching boutonnieres in corresponding colors.